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Monday, February 23, 2009
The wait is seriously going to put me in the hospital wing with Madame Promfey!!! According to the UPS tracking site, it's about twenty minutes away from me, but that could still mean I'm the last delivery on the list between here and the UPS center in NJ!!! AHHH!! I just want it now!

I ordered a really cool book called Celtic Borders on Layout Grids, so I'm going to blow those up to 17" to use as a stencil for the wheel. And I found a really pretty stain in the basement in my stepdad's work room that will go lovely with the green and gold paint, so yay! I want to test out the stain and paint on some scrap wood but I'm not sure what's scrap or not in his room. Thankfully the weather's cleared up today! Hopefully I can get the sanding and first coat or two of stain on tonight!! OH MY GOSH, I'M SO EXCITED.

I finished a really pretty teal yarn on the spindle on Friday. I plied it with a nice gold thread. I actually got it to spin pretty thing, really close to laceweight I think! But it ranges from laceweight to worsted I think. My arms get too tired to make everything even on the spindle!

I also plan to sand, stain, and lacquer my swift so that everything matches. Oh! Now I remember what I wanted to get at Home Depot the other day! The PVC piping to make my niddy-noddy! Damn, now I'll have to make a trip back :c

I need to go make something. I'm going to go work on my package to keep me occupied, haha!

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